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he Benefits of
Cross-Cultural Training

Our cross-cultural training programs are designed to increase overall cross-cultural competence—the ability to perform confidently and effectively in other countries or with foreign nationals in the U.S. We prepare participants for international work and assignments by helping them to develop new attitudes, gain new insights and acquire special skills. In addition, we provide country-specific information of a practical nature that also helps to increase effectiveness in the host culture. A properly designed, customized cross-cultural training program enables clients to realize many benefits, some of which are listed below.


Increased probability of completing work goals effectively in a new culture
Greater understanding of the logic and customs of other cultures
Deeper insights into the needs and opportunities of global markets
Reduced culture shock—greater positive adjustment to living and working in a new environment
Better relationships and communication with people from other cultures
Increased awareness of our own hidden cultural values, and how we are perceived by others

Intercultural Insights
Training and consulting for intercultural competence
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