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Today, international business people increasingly find themselves working in multicultural environments, encountering differences in everything from communication and negotiation styles to time perception to business etiquette to conflicting values about the meaning and purpose of life itself. What is easy and intuitive within one's own culture can be clumsy, ineffective, or even offensive in another. What you don't know about a foreign culture can slow you down, kill deals, even cause entire ventures to fail.

In the global economy, corporations ignore these differences at their peril: Anthropologist Edward T. Hall has said, “The single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture.” Cross-cultural training and consulting empowers your personnel to be culturally competent—and can play a critical role in building your business soundly in international markets.

he Costs of
Intercultural Incompetence

“The single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture.”
Edward T. Hall
Anthropologist, author
and business consultant

More than 40,000 new products are introduced into global markets every year—yet 85 percent of them fail, often because cultural factors were overlooked.
One in five U.S. expatriates sent overseas will fail in their assignments. The cost to US business of failed overseas assignments is more than $2 billion a year.
Only 28 percent of US CEOs believe they need cultural knowledge to do business in other countries.

he Price of
Ignoring Cultural Differences:

Lost sales
Failed negotiations
Broken partnerships
Embarrassing mistakes
Poor customer relations
Damaged corporate reputations
Damaged national reputations
Unsuccessful marketing campaigns
Failed overseas assignments and premature return home

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