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Intercultural Insights was founded by Tom Morgan in 1994 to provide clients with the highest quality intercultural training available, in order to ensure that clients achieve the greatest degree of sustainable success in global markets.

We specialize in training and consulting to enhance cross-cultural competence—the ability to perform confidently and extremely effectively overseas, or with foreign nationals in the United States. We offer a wide range of country-specific training programs designed for managers, personnel, and their families who will be living or working overseas, or who will be working in the U.S. with foreign nationals.

Unlike many cross-cultural training firms, Intercultural Insights places the strongest possible emphasis on needs assessment and customization. We do not offer prepackaged, off-the-shelf programs. We build our training and consultation programs from the ground up, based specifically on clients' intercultural experience level and business needs. Intercultural Insights maintains alliances with a global network of country experts.

Mission Statement

The mission of Intercultural Insights is to provide highly customized cross-cultural training and consulting and other related services that will allow our clients to operate successfully in new and different cultural environments. Through our services, we strive to create versatile global citizens—culturally competent individuals who are able to contribute effectively to the achievement of our clients' objectives in the international arena.

Tom Morgan: Biographical Profile

Tom Morgan has lived, worked and studied in 12 countries in Europe, Scandinavia, Central America, the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia. As a consultant and trainer, he has worked with heads of state of countries in Central America, the Middle East and South Asia. He has also worked with numerous government ministers, legislators, military generals, leading educators, and top-level industrialists and business leaders in many countries around the world.

Mr. Morgan received his training in the field of intercultural communications from the most highly respected leaders in the field. He specializes in training design and training methods for international programs. He is an accomplished public speaker and has had 28 years' experience as a trainer and facilitator. He holds a master's degree in higher education administration.

Mr. Morgan provides both “culture-general” training—that is, training designed to enhance the client's overall cross-cultural competence irrespective of the target culture, and “country-specific” training. Mr. Morgan has lived and worked in India, Nepal, Turkey, Cyprus, the Philippines, Norway, Nicaragua, England, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Italy. His special area of expertise is the subcontinent of India.

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