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Intercultural Insights offers a wide range of culture-general and culture-specific training and consulting programs designed for managers and personnel doing business around the world. Training methodologies are customized to meet the specific needs of each client; methodologies may include presentation, videotapes, cultural contrasts and comparisons, cross-cultural dialogues, case studies, critical incidents, simulations and role playing.

The following represents only a partial list of possible programs; if you don't see what you require here, we will build a program from scratch to meet your needs. When a client needs training for a country outside our own areas of expertise, we draw upon our global network of associates to provide the highest level of professionalism for that country. Please call us and we will be happy to discuss our services with you.

Intercultural Insights Programs:

Working Internationally
Living and Working Internationally
Foreign Assignees Working in the U.S.
Destination Orientation and Assistance
Programs for Accompanying Families and Spouses
Repatriation Programs
Cross-Cultural Communication Skills
Cross-Cultural Negotiation Skills
Cross-Cultural Team Building
Cultural Considerations for International Trade Success
International Business Briefings
Candidate Assessment Programs
Public Global Awareness Seminars
Web-Based Training Tools


Satisfaction is guaranteed. If any client is not satisfied
with one of our programs, payment will not be accepted.

Intercultural Insights
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