10 Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

10 Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students in 2024

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As an international student studying in Canada, you may need to find a part-time job to help support your education and living expenses. Part-time jobs can provide valuable work experience and help you build new skills while you study. In this blog post, we will explore the 10 top part-time job options for international students in Canada that are relatively easy to get and don’t require long-term commitments.


Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Below is a curated list of the top 10 part-time jobs in Canada for international students

#10. Retail Sales Associate

Retail stores are always hiring for part-time sales associates. Working as a retail salesperson is a great entry-level job that provides customer service experience. Your duties would include assisting customers, operating cash registers, stocking shelves, and performing other tasks to help keep the store running smoothly. Most retail chains like clothing stores, bookstores, supermarkets and department stores hire seasonal and part-time workers frequently. Hourly wages typically range from $14-$16 per hour. Excellent communication skills and a friendly demeanor are key for this type of role.


#9. Food Service Worker

Food service jobs like waiting tables, cashiering, food preparation, and barista work are abundant part-time opportunities for international students. Popular chains like coffee shops, fast food restaurants and dining halls on college campuses often hire extra help during busy times. Restaurant work provides flexibility with evening and weekend shifts available. With tips, some servers can earn up to $18-20 per hour. Working in a restaurant setting builds customer service, time management and teamwork abilities. Minimal experience is required for many entry-level food service positions.

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#8. Tutor

If you excel in certain academic subjects, private tutoring can be a worthwhile part-time job. Education platforms like allow you to sign up and get matched with students needing extra help. Tutoring provides very flexible schedule options to work around your own class times. Rates typically range from $20-40 per hour depending on the subject and student’s grade level. Developing your tutoring skills helps reinforce your own knowledge while assisting others. Certification/education in teaching methods is not always mandatory for basic tutoring gigs. Profile your academic strengths when marketing tutoring services.

#7. Child Care Provider

Babysitting and nannying are popular part-time jobs for international students, especially those with experience caring for children. and other sites connect families needing childcare assistance with available sitters. As a caretaker, you would be responsible for supervising and engaging children through activities, light housekeeping, and transportation to events if needed. Minimum age requirements, first aid certification and background checks may apply for some positions. Pay ranges from $12-18 per hour depending on the number/ages of kids and your experience level. Childcare roles cultivate skills in responsibility, problem-solving and multi-tasking.

#6. Campus Job

Universities employ international students for on-campus roles in areas like libraries, labs, athletic facilities, dining halls and administrative departments. Hourly campus jobs provide convenient employment close to your classes. Minimum wage starting pay is supplemented by possible benefits like meal plans. Front desk jobs, library shelving and data entry tasks utilize transferrable office skills. Search your school’s student employment website for available openings. On-campus supervisors understand academic commitments come first for students. These positions offer stability with priority given to continuing education students each term.

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#5. Personal Assistant

If you have strong organizational abilities, consider finding clients needing part-time personal assistant help. Duties often involve tasks like scheduling appointments, running errands, booking travel, managing calendars and handling other administrative work. Rates vary depending on your experience level and the projects or events requiring your assistance. Marketing personal assistant skills on websites like can lead to flexible, remote side gigs. This role cultivates project coordination and time management proficiencies useful for future careers. Experience using apps like Calendar, Gmail and To-Do lists is valuable for personal assistant positions.

#4. Data Entry Clerk

Several companies hire part-time, work-from-home data entry clerks to input information into databases and spreadsheets. Only basic computer skills and fast typing abilities are needed for most data entry jobs. Responsibilities involve accurately keying in data, verifying information and handling other clerical tasks. Remote data entry work allows scheduling flexibility around class times. Hourly pay averages $14-16 depending on your speed and accuracy. Search job listing sites for companies hiring part-time data clerks. This administrative role builds attention to detail and computer proficiency important for many career paths.

#3. Delivery Driver

Food delivery driving jobs are on the rise with companies like DoorDash, UberEats and SkipTheDishes operating in major Canadian cities. As a driver, you use the delivery app to accept orders, pickup prepared food and efficiently deliver meals to customers within a designated area. Part-time, flexible delivery shifts fit well around class schedules – the more deliveries completed, the higher your hourly earnings. DoorDash estimates pay averages $18-22 per hour including tips. Requirements like a valid driver’s licence, access to a reliable vehicle and strong navigation skills apply. Driving jobs provide mobility and supplemental income.

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#2. Tour Guide

If you know Canada’s history or have expertise in specific regions/topics, becoming a tour guide could be a great cultural side job. Research options to become a licensed tour guide at major attractions like museums, landmarks and national parks. Other opportunities include guiding private groups or language exchange tours. Preparation and networking are key to landing one-time or recurring guiding gigs. Rates vary based on the destination, group size and your experience/credentials. Tour guiding hones public speaking and storytelling talents while helping visitors gain new perspectives. Certifications showcase qualifications for demanding guide roles.

#1. Virtual Assistant

The rise of remote working has increased demand for online virtual assistants. As a virtual assistant, you can offer services like social media management, web research, administrative tasks, project coordination, and more using your laptop, phone or tablet. Flexibility and affordability make virtual assisting appealing for international students. Rates average $15-25 per hour depending on the complexity of projects. Develop specialized skills through courses on platforms like Coursera. Use sites like Upwork and Fiverr to build your online profile and attract clients needing extra help. Leverage virtual skills to gradually expand your client base.

In conclusion, exploring a variety of part-time job options can help international students earn valuable work experience and income while studying abroad in Canada. Consider your strengths, interests and class schedule when selecting from roles in retail, food service, campus employment and more. Developing professional skills, references and networking are rewarding outcomes whether you stay in Canada after graduation or return home. With dedication and creativity, international students can balance work responsibilities with academic success through supportive part-time jobs.


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