Best Paralegal Schools in California

Best Paralegal Schools in California in 2024

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California is home to many outstanding opportunities for paralegal education and training. With its diverse legal industry and growing job market, the Golden State presents aspiring paralegals with a wide range of fantastic schools from which to choose. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best paralegal schools in California and provide an overview of each to help you determine the best fit for your goals and needs. We’ll explore factors like curriculum, accreditation, location, costs, and employment outcomes so you can make an informed decision about your paralegal education. By the end, you’ll have a clear sense of the top options available and be well on your way to starting an exciting and rewarding career in the legal field.

What to Look For in a Paralegal Program

Before diving into specific school recommendations, it’s helpful to understand the key qualities that distinguish excellent paralegal programs. Consider the following factors as you evaluate your options:


While not required, accreditation helps ensure a program meets rigorous standards for curriculum, faculty qualifications, resources, and student services. Look for American Bar Association (ABA) approval, which is the gold standard.


Programs should provide a well-rounded education covering topics like civil and criminal litigation, legal research and writing, ethics, technology, and specialty areas like family law. Internships or externships also provide valuable hands-on experience.


Accomplished faculty with real-world legal experience can offer invaluable expertise and connections. Ask about faculty qualifications, background, and student outcomes.

Cost and Financial Aid

Compare tuition rates and expenses against scholarship/grant availability. Public schools are more affordable, while private options offer more one-on-one support.

Career Services & Alumni Network

Strong career guidance and mentorship increase post-graduation success rates. Connections to practising professionals are also highly beneficial for job placement.


Part-time, online, or accelerated options allow working professionals to balance education with responsibilities. The campus location is also key for access and community.

With these criteria in mind, let’s explore some of California’s top accredited paralegal programs.

Top Paralegal Programs in California

Below is a list of some of the best Paralegal Schools in California which you can choose from.

1. UC Berkeley Paralegal Certificate Program

Berkeley’s respected legal studies program provides an affordable, accessible education through its ABA-approved certificate option. Courses are online or on the beautiful Bay Area campus. Small class sizes foster close mentorship from distinguished faculty, including top attorneys, judges and directors. An impressive 93% career services rate and an extensive network of Bay Area alumni provide abundant opportunities in diverse legal settings across the region. The rigorous yet flexible curriculum and affordability make this a standout choice for those seeking academic excellence at a public university price tag.

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2. Thomas Jefferson School of Law Paralegal and Legal Studies Program

Located in San Diego, Thomas Jefferson School of Law offers top-notch paralegal education alongside its prestigious law school. The ABA-approved certificate and associate’s programs offer on-campus and online options, providing “real world” preparation through community externships and a legal clinic on diverse topics like family law, personal injury and more. Experienced faculty aim to develop practical skills supplemented by substantive legal theory. Graduates benefit from strong employment rates and connections to San Diego’s thriving legal market through prestigious career fairs and networking events. Financial aid options make this private program affordable for many.

3. The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School Paralegal Program

One of few ABA-approved military programs, JAG’s online paralegal option provides active-duty service members, veterans, and civilians with an outstanding education with the flexibility to balance educational and service commitments. Experienced JAG faculty cover litigation, contracts, military law and more relevant to potential government careers. In addition to technical knowledge, the program emphasizes hands-on experience through field studies in military legal offices. Strong employment assistance for graduates leads to in-demand roles within the Army, Navy, Air Force and civilian legal sectors nationwide. Financial aid covers all costs, making this an attractive debt-free choice.

4. Santa Barbara Business College Paralegal Studies Program

With campuses across Southern California, including Ventura, Van Nuys and El Cajon, SBB College provides accessible, affordable education through its ABA-approved associate’s degree and certificate programs. Flexible on-ground or online options allow working professionals to balance work and study. Personal attention from experienced faculty aids career preparation through comprehensive curricula focused on litigation, real estate, family law and more. Externship opportunities connect students to local legal employers. Robust career services point graduates towards legal jobs throughout the region, with national placement rates up to 96%. Financial aid counseling helps many fund educational costs without private loans. With an impressive acceptance rate of 90% for fall 2023 applicants, it is one of the easiest law schools to get into in California.

5. Antioch University Los Angeles Paralegal Studies Program

Antioch LA brings valuable diversity, inclusion and community impact themes to its respected ABA-approved certificate and associate’s options. The courses taught by experienced attorneys and judges on the downtown Los Angeles campus incorporate substantive theory with applied skills. Small class sizes encourage close examination of legal issues affecting urban communities like immigration, family, housing and consumer law. Extensive pro-bono and volunteer opportunities further strengthen resume while serving the public interest. Graduates benefit from mentorship and job placement support through a network of dedicated alumni and employers across Southern California’s busy legal market.

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Honorable Mentions

While the above represent some of the top overall options, several other excellent programs in California are also worth considering:

  • National University offers flexible online and part-time programs through campuses across the state, including San Diego and Los Angeles. The ABA-approved certificate and associate’s degrees emphasize litigation and specialty fields.
  • Chapman University provides elite paralegal education through its highly-ranked law and undergraduate programs in Orange County. Courses are supplemented by law clinics, externships and career resources through the prestigious Fowler School of Law.
  • Cypress College offers an outstanding ABA-approved associate’s degree and certificate near Los Angeles at a remarkably low community college price tag. Practical skills and legal writing are emphasized.
  • Grossmont College also offers an exceptional ABA-approved paralegal program through its San Diego campus with an emphasis on litigation and workplace skills.
  • Monterey College of Law provides ABA-approved certificates through its respected campus based in Monterey with concentrations in business and litigation areas.

Each of the above schools provides a top-notch legal education while balancing factors like location, cost, career support, and specialization options for California students. Their curriculum, faculty, and communities make them excellent choices that deserve consideration.

Financing Your Paralegal Education

Deciding on a program inevitably involves considering costs and financial aid availability. Thankfully, many options exist to help fund your paralegal studies in California:

  • Public School Tuition/Fees: In-state tuition at the University of California and California State University campuses is significantly lower than that of private schools.
  • Scholarships: Programs sometimes offer academic, need-based and specialty scholarships. Additionally, research outside opportunities through the American Bar Foundation, state bar associations and private organizations.
  • Grants: Federal Pell Grants are awarded based on financial need. Additionally, check school-specific opportunities and California state grants/loans.
  • Employer Tuition Assistance: Many companies offer assistance for job-related education to qualified employees.
  • Veteran/Military Benefits: The GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program and other resources help cover costs for eligible service members and veterans.
  • Income-Based Repayment: Federal student loans offer flexible repayment options tied to your income that prevent default.

With strategic planning and research, it’s usually possible to fund your paralegal education without excessive private borrowing. School financial aid offices provide guidance on the full scope of options available.

Launching Your Legal Career

Upon graduating from an excellent California paralegal program, you’ll be well prepared for a rewarding career in the growing California legal market or elsewhere. Some top employment prospects to consider:

  • Law Firms: Private practice paralegals support litigation, transactions and more across legal specialty areas like family law, corporate law and litigation.
  • Corporations: In-house paralegals handle contracts, compliance and business legal matters for companies of all sizes.
  • Government: Cities, counties and state/federal agencies employ paralegals within prosecutors’/public defenders’ offices, courts and regulatory agencies.
  • Legal Publishers/Vendors: Firms like Westlaw and LexisNexis hire research-focused paralegals to support products and clients.
  • Non-Profits: Organizations focused on issues like immigration, housing, or civil rights provide paralegal roles alongside attorney positions.
  • Military/Veterans Affairs: Government branches utilize paralegals to support service members nationwide.
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With experience and further training, some paralegals may progress to more specialized roles like compliance officers and legal administrators or pursue law school. Robust career services from California programs, plus an engaged alumni network, provide ongoing support as your career progresses. The wide range of high-growth employment options makes this an exciting time to enter the California legal job market as a new paralegal.


In conclusion, California offers paralegal students an immense wealth of high-quality education programs from which to choose. From respected public universities like UC Berkeley to innovative private colleges like Thomas Jefferson, the state’s paralegal schools provide rigorous yet accessible training to aspiring professionals. With an engaged, supportive alumni network and the immense job opportunities across California’s diverse legal industry, these programs set graduates up for outstanding career success. By considering key factors like accreditation, curriculum, costs, career services and location preferences, you can determine the very best paralegal program to help you reach your goals.

Whether in the Bay Area, Southern California or beyond, following an ABA-approved course of study at any of the excellent schools highlighted here will give you top-notch preparation for an in-demand and rewarding career as a paralegal. California truly offers some of the finest paralegal training available nationwide – the opportunities are there for the taking. I wish you the best in researching your options and pursuing this exciting new path. Dedication to your education at one of these esteemed schools makes your future in the California legal community bright.

In this post, we explored some of California’s foremost accredited paralegal programs, highlighting factors to consider like curriculum, accreditation, career services, location and costs. We provided overviews of specific highly recommended schools such as UC Berkeley, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, JAG’s paralegal program and Santa Barbara Business College. Additional excellent options from National University, Chapman University and community colleges were also mentioned. Financing your education and the diverse job prospects available to new paralegal graduates in California’s expansive legal market were also examined. With comprehensive guidance on selecting the top-rated programs and succeeding in your career goals, you have the knowledge and direction to confidently pursue your paralegal studies in the Golden State. I hope this information and recommendations have helped illuminate your path towards a bright future in California’s legal community. 

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