Best Esthetician Schools in Chicago

Best Esthetician Schools in Chicago in 2024


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With the rising popularity of skin and beauty treatments, pursuing a career as an esthetician has become increasingly appealing. Chicago offers prospective students an abundance of top-notch esthetician schools to choose from. However, sorting through program options and picking the right fit can feel overwhelming. This comprehensive guide breaks down the top 10 esthetician schools in Chicago to help you make an informed decision.

1. Cosmetology and Spa Academy

Offering both esthetics and cosmetology programs, Cosmetology and Spa Academy is a premier choice for beauty education. Their Esthetics program is 750 hours and provides extensive hands-on training in both basic and advanced skincare treatments. Students gain experience in facial massage, hair removal, and equipment-based modalities like microdermabrasion and light therapy. The focus is on client service skills as well as techniques for treating skin conditions and performing spa services. Graduates are prepared to test for their Illinois Esthetician license and Esthetician/Nail Technician certifications. Starting at $17,000, Cosmetology and Spa Academy’s esthetics program sets students up for a rewarding career path with job placement support.


2. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

With a 95-year history, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is one of the oldest and most reputable schools in the industry. Their 750-hour Esthetics program covers industry-standard skincare methods along with anatomy, bacteriology, and other core sciences. Students master practical applications like facial massages, light therapy treatments, and hair removal through hands-on practice. The cutting-edge labs and equipment provide real-world experience. Graduates receive career development resources and job placement assistance from Tricoci’s network of employer partnerships. At $18,000, the program is competitively priced for the expert instruction and career services provided.

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3. G Skin & Beauty Institute

Specializing solely in esthetics, G Skin & Beauty Institute’s 600-hour program takes a holistic approach. Beyond traditional modalities, students explore eastern modalities like gua sha facial sculpting and jade roller lymphatic drainage massages. An emphasis is placed on wellness principles, self-care practices, and natural/organic ingredients. Small class sizes allow for personalized attention, and the community atmosphere fosters collaborative learning. Upon completion, graduates are prepared to test for licensure as well as advanced certifications. At only $9,500, G Skin offers exceptional value and flexibility with part-time enrollment options.

4. Douglas J Aveda Institute

Integrating esthetics into a wider range of beauty services, Douglas J Aveda Institute combines theory and hands-on experience across multiple disciplines. Their 750-hour Esthiology program teaches fundamental skincare techniques alongside botanical therapies, aromatherapy, and natural hair removal services unique to the Aveda approach. Additional curriculum covers dermatology, anatomy, and business skills. Modern facility features and a nurturing learning environment prepare graduates to succeed. By focusing on sustainable, plant-based practices, students gain a holistic perspective on esthetics. With a tuition of $23,499, graduates emerge well-rounded and skilled for the modern beauty industry.

5. New Age Spa Institute

With locations across Illinois, New Age Spa Institute brings esthetics education to various communities across Chicago. Their 600-hour Esthetics program emphasizes medical-based skincare including advanced modalities, treatment planning for specific conditions, and a foundation in anatomy and chemistry. Hands-on classes with state-of-the-art equipment simulate the spa environment. Individualized attention and flexible scheduling allows adult learners to balance work and education. Competitive tuition of $10,000 prepares students to immediately enter the workforce with confidence after graduating. Job placement assistance helps translate skills into a rewarding career.

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6. Evolve Med Spa

Specializing in medical esthetics and wellness, Evolve Med Spa’s esthetics program features a clinical, results-driven focus. Their 750-hour curriculum delves deeper into skin physiology, dermatology, and protocols for treating concerns beyond basic facials. Students gain experience with lasers, injectables, cryotherapy, and body contouring under the supervision of highly trained instructors. Advanced equipment and partnerships with dermatologists provide real-world medical exposure. At $19,995, graduates are prepared to support physicians or launch their own medspa concept. Career coaching, business workshops, and connections throughout Chicago’s medical community further student success.

7. Skinovatio Medical Spa

Taught within their bustling medspa in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, Skinovatio’s 750-hour program emphasizes entrepreneurship alongside clinical techniques. Interactive classes introduce concepts through innovative learning formats including virtual reality simulations. Students gain hands-on experience performing laser treatments, injectables, and other procedures on real patients. Business modules cover financial management, social media marketing, and launching a private practice. Upon completion, graduates receive a premium Skinovatio workstation package and assistance incorporating at their own location. Tuition of $21,995 pairs cutting-edge skills with the tools to succeed independently.

8. Pure Medical Spa

Centered in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood, Pure Medical Spa’s 750-hour program shares the same clinical focus as their results-driven in-house spa. Extensive coursework in dermatology, lasers, injectables, and body contouring techniques as performed in a luxury medical setting. Partnerships with affiliated dermatologists provide direct mentorship. Equipment and products valued at over $40,000 are included to launch a successful private practice. At $24,995, the higher tuition unlocks the business insights, consultative expertise, and prestige of Pure’s brand, preparing graduates to excel independently and charging $150-$250 per treatment. Career coaching and national certification exam prep tools maximize chances of success.

9. Blush Electrolysis & Skin Care

Blush’s 600-hour Esthetics program zeroes in on hair removal, a core specialty for their Roselle-based school and medical spa. Extensive hands-on training with multiple electrolysis modalities like thermolysis, galvanic, and blend techniques readies students to safely treat all hair types. Theory classes cover pertinent topics like sanitation, anatomy, and dealing with sensitivity or infection. Small class sizes provide individualized attention and mentoring. With a $10,000 price tag, Blush sets students up for lucrative work as an advanced esthetician or starting their own independent hair removal business. Licensure exam prep tools and jobs boards improve career outcomes.

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10. Siren Salon

A full-service destination for hair, skincare and nails, Siren’s 750-hour esthetics program imparts the fundamentals of client care within an integrated salon environment. Hands-on experience spans full-body waxing, facials, body treatments, and makeup artistry alongside exposure to hair services. Students build confidence interacting with clients in a fun, fast-paced setting. Advanced topics include medical treatments like micro-needling. Affordable tuition of $15,500 better prepares graduates for the dynamic demands of the modern salon industry. Job placement assistance and sponsorships from prominent brands and venues create opportunities where beauty meets entertainment.

Choosing the Perfect Fit

Whether pursuing medical aesthetics, salon esthetics, or launching an independent business, Chicago’s top esthetics programs equip students with specialized skills, hands-on experience, and career coaching for success. Consider your interests, budget, and desired work environment to identify the best fit. Standout schools blend relevant theory with real-world application through innovative classroom formats, modern facilities, and exceptional mentorship. Graduating from an accredited program paves the way to Illinois licensure and limitless career advancement. With diligent research, you can select the perfect esthetics school to launch your dream career in Chicago’s thriving beauty industry.

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