Nursing Schools in Texas With No Waiting List

Nursing Schools in Texas With No Waiting List in 2024


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With the increasing demand for nurses across healthcare facilities in Texas, many nursing schools in the state have found it challenging to accommodate all qualified applicants due to limited seat availability. This has led to long waiting lists at most programs. However, some schools have taken proactive measures to admit more students each year without resorting to waitlists. In this article, we explore the top 5 nursing schools in Texas that do not use a waiting list system for their entry-level programs. 

Nursing Schools in Texas With No Waiting List

Below is a list of the top five Nursing Schools in Texas With No Waiting List to which you can apply.


1. University of Houston College of Nursing

The University of Houston (UH) College of Nursing is one of the largest nursing schools in Texas, graduating over 800 students annually from its baccalaureate, Masters, and Doctoral programs. Unlike other schools, UH aims to accept as many qualified applicants as possible into its pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program each year.

The college has implemented a continuous enrollment model to achieve this goal without overcrowding classroom sizes. Interested students can apply at any time of the year for the next available cohort. If accepted, they can start classes as soon as the required prerequisites are complete. This flexible pathway allows students to progress at their own pace and enter the clinical nursing major faster compared to traditional fall-only admissions.

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The continuous enrollment process and efficient use of campus facilities for evening and weekend classes enable UH College of Nursing to graduate approximately 200 new BSN students annually. As a result, waitlists are nonexistent. The school prides itself on offering opportunities for students passionate about serving the Houston community through the nursing profession.

2. Chamberlain College of Nursing Pearland, Texas

Chamberlain College of Nursing (CCN) has several campuses across the US, with its Texas location based in Pearland, just outside Houston. Like UH, CCN Pearland provides year-round admissions to its ASN (Associate of Science in Nursing) and BSN programs.


Its innovative approach to blended learning helps CCN remain ahead of demand. Most nursing theory courses are delivered in an online format, with students only needing to physically attend campus for clinical skills practice, simulations, and hospital rotations. This hybrid model means classroom space can accommodate larger cohorts.

Additionally, CCN Pearland’s ASN program is designed to be completed in three semesters once prerequisites are finished. The accelerated timeline helps students qualify as registered nurses (RNs) more quickly compared to traditional 4-semester programs. The faster graduation rates coupled with continuous enrollment allow CCN to fulfil its goal of no waiting lists and providing healthcare careers for hardworking nursing aspirants.

3. Denver College of Nursing

While not technically located in Texas, the Denver College of Nursing is worth mentioning due to its unique model that has enabled it to admit all qualified students from the Lone Star State without long wait periods. The private, not-for-profit nursing college is completely online, with no physical campus.

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This virtual learning environment means DCN faces no infrastructure constraints that could slow admissions processing or limit available seats. Students interact with instructors and peers and complete all coursework remotely through a customized learning management system. Only capstone clinical courses require supervised fieldwork at approved facilities near the student’s location.

By removing physical classroom barriers, DCN is able to run continuous enrollment cycles throughout the year for its RN to BSN, MSN, and DNP programs. The lack of a centralized campus makes the application review process very efficient. As a result, interested nurses from across Texas can seamlessly further their education goals through DCN’s online nursing degrees without worrying about prolonged waiting lists.

4. Covenant School of Nursing

Lubbock-based Covenant School of Nursing (CSN) has developed a unique hybrid framework that utilizes both traditional campus-based learning as well as online education to maximize student intake.

CSN offers entry-level and post-licensure BSN programs alongside an MSN. The pre-licensure BSN pathway alternates between online theory courses and on-campus clinical labs, simulations, and patient care experiences. Meanwhile, registered nurses can conveniently complete their BSN requirements fully online at their preferred pace.

By combining flexible virtual classes with on-site skill development, CSN is able to enroll larger cohorts through year-round admissions while ensuring sufficient placement opportunities in affiliate hospitals. This hybrid scheduling model has proven significantly more efficient than conventional semester timings at nearly doubling the school’s nursing graduates annually. As a result, qualified applicants need not wait to commence their BSN journey at CSN.

5. West Coast University Texas

The Houston campus of West Coast University (WCU Texas) has positioned itself to offer nursing education accessible to all motivated learners through its open-door admissions practice. WCU Texas provides ASN, BSN, and master’s level MSN programs exclusively in an online distance format without physical classrooms.

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Interested students can apply at any point and start nursing courses once general education prerequisites are completed, removing rigid deadlines. The online nature of instruction also means seat availability is unlimited. As nursing programs transitioned to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, WCU Texas’ infrastructure was perfectly equipped to maintain continuous enrollment without stopping or delaying any new student intake.

Furthermore, the University commits to keeping tuition rates low to remain affordable for working professionals seeking to advance their careers. Its nursing graduates have also consistently achieved high NCLEX-RN licensure exam pass rates. These advantages and convenient scheduling provide life-changing nursing opportunities to all communities across the Lone Star State.


The nursing schools profiled in this article have proved that it is possible to accommodate substantial numbers of qualified applicants each year for entry-level BSN programs without implementing long waitlists. By leveraging flexible admissions cycles, hybrid classroom models, efficient online learning platforms and maximizing the use of infrastructure, these institutions eliminate barriers preventing access to nursing education.

Students can now pursue their dream of becoming RNs without undue delays, which helps promptly address the growing demand for nurses in Texas healthcare organizations. Kudos to these forward-thinking schools for innovating admission policies that serve community needs and individual career aspirations. Their efforts ensure a steady talent pipeline of skilled nurses prepared to deliver compassionate care. 


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