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163 WUE Schools List in 2024


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The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program is a mutually beneficial initiative that facilitates affordable higher education for students from Western states. The program, established by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), enables students from participating states to enroll in out-of-state colleges and universities at a reduced tuition rate. In this article, we have carefully curated a list of all 163 WUE Schools and provided a comprehensive understanding of the WUE program, shedding light on its significance, benefits, and the intricate details of its admission requirements and prerequisites. 

What is the WUE Program?

The WUE program, established by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), is a regional tuition reciprocity agreement among 16 Western states. These states include Alaska, Arizona, CaliforniaColorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and the U.S. Pacific Territories and Freely Associated States. Through WUE, students residing in one of these states can access reduced tuition rates at participating public institutions in other member states.


The WUE program fosters regional cooperation among Western states, encouraging educational accessibility and promoting diverse learning experiences. It allows students from participating states to pursue educational opportunities beyond their home state without shouldering the burden of hefty out-of-state tuition fees. Not only does this program benefit students by widening their educational horizons, but it also serves as a mechanism for participating institutions to enhance their diversity and attract a broader pool of talented individuals. 

Benefits of the WUE Program:

Reduced Tuition: One of the most significant advantages of the WUE program is the reduced tuition cost. While tuition fees at out-of-state schools can be exorbitant, WUE-eligible students pay at most 150% of the in-state tuition rate. This can result in substantial savings, making higher education more accessible.

Diverse Educational Opportunities: The WUE program provides students with access to a wide range of educational institutions, from small liberal arts colleges to large research universities. This diversity allows students to find the best academic fit for their goals and interests.

Geographic Flexibility: WUE-eligible students have the opportunity to explore the western United States and experience different cultures, landscapes, and climates without breaking the bank. This program encourages geographic mobility, promoting personal growth and exploration.


Admission Requirements and Prerequisites for WUE Schools:

As an interested applicant, you must meet specific admission requirements and prerequisites to take advantage of the WUE program and its reduced tuition rates. While these criteria may vary slightly from one institution to another, here are the general guidelines:

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1. Residency Requirement: 

To be eligible for the WUE program, you must be a legal resident of one of the 16 WUE states or U.S. Pacific Territories and Freely Associated States. Demonstrating your residency status through documentation such as a driver’s license, voter registration, or other state-specific documents is essential.

2. Eligibility Criteria:

While the primary criterion is residency, each participating institution may have additional eligibility requirements. These can include academic criteria such as a minimum GPA or standardized test scores like the SAT or ACT. Make sure to check the specific requirements for the institution you are interested in.

3. Limited Slots:

It is crucial to understand that not all out-of-state students may be accepted into the WUE program. Participating institutions have a limited number of WUE slots, and these may vary each year. Therefore, applying early and meeting all the admission criteria is advisable to improve your chances of acceptance.

4. Maintaining Eligibility:

Once accepted into the WUE program, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress and meet the institution’s specific requirements to continue benefiting from reduced tuition rates.

By satisfying the outlined admission requirements and adhering to the specified prerequisites, you can maximize your chances of securing a place in the WUE program, thereby unlocking the doors to an enriching educational journey at an affordable cost.

WUE Schools List 

Below is a list of all the 163 WUE participating schools and their respective WUE Tuitions.

State Institution WUE Tuition
Alaska The University of Alaska Anchorage $10,530
Alaska University of Alaska Fairbanks $11,700
Alaska University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau Campus $10,530
Arizona Arizona State University / Downtown $16,467
Arizona Arizona State University / Polytechnic Campus $14,823
Arizona Arizona State University / West Campus $14,823
Arizona Arizona Western College $4,140
Arizona Central Arizona College $2,250
Arizona Chandler-Gilbert Community College $3,825
Arizona Cochise College $4,095
Arizona Coconino Community College $5,085
Arizona Eastern Arizona College $4,185
Arizona Estrella Mountain Community College $3,825
Arizona GateWay Community College $3,825
Arizona Glendale Community College $3,825
Arizona Mesa Community College $3,825
Arizona Mohave Community College $3,645
Arizona Northern Arizona University $16,536
Arizona Northland Pioneer College $3,060
Arizona Paradise Valley Community College $3,825
Arizona Phoenix College $3,825
Arizona Pima Community College $4,005
Arizona Rio Salado College $3,825
Arizona Scottsdale Community College $3,825
Arizona South Mountain Community College $3,825
Arizona The University of Arizona Sierra Vista $14,117
Arizona University of Arizona $17,288
Arizona Yavapai College $3,528
California California State Polytechnic University, Pomona $8,613
California California State University, Bakersfield $8,613
California California State University, Channel Islands $8,613
California California State University, Chico $8,613
California California State University, Dominguez Hills $8,613
California Lake Tahoe Community College $2,070
California Sonoma State University $8,613
California California State University, East Bay $8,613
California California State University, Maritime Academy $8,613
California California State University, Monterey Bay $8,613
California California State University, Northridge $8,613
California California State University, Sacramento $8,613
California California State University, San Bernardino $8,613
California California State University, San Marcos $8,613
California California State University, Stanislaus $8,613
California California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt $8,613
California University of California-Merced $17,163
Colorado Adams State University $11,950
Colorado Aims Community College $5,130
Colorado Arapahoe Community College $7,038
Colorado Colorado Mesa University $13,169
Colorado Colorado Mountain College $8,775
Colorado Colorado Northwestern Community College $7,038
Colorado Colorado State University $19,535
Colorado Colorado State University-Pueblo $17,187
Colorado Community College of Aurora $7,038
Colorado Community College of Denver $7,038
Colorado Fort Lewis College $10,800
Colorado Front Range Community College $7,038
Colorado Lamar Community College $7,038
Colorado Metropolitan State University of Denver $17,348
Colorado Morgan Community College $7,038
Colorado Northeastern Junior College $7,038
Colorado Otero Junior College $7,038
Colorado Pikes Peak Community College $7,038
Colorado Pueblo Community College $7,038
Colorado Red Rocks Community College $7,038
Colorado The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus $25,110
Colorado Trinidad State Junior College $7,038
Colorado The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs $18,990
Colorado University of Colorado Denver $20,925
Colorado University of Northern Colorado $5,130
Colorado Western Colorado University $15,084
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Northern Marianas College $4,560
Hawaii The University of Hawaii at Hilo $11,016
Hawaii The University of Hawaii at Manoa $16,956
Hawaii The University of Hawaii Maui College $5,895
Hawaii The University of Hawaii West Oahu $11,016
Idaho Boise State University $8,298
Idaho College of Southern Idaho $4,275
Idaho Idaho State University $8,892
Idaho Lewis-Clark State College $8,739
Idaho North Idaho College $4,928
Idaho University of Idaho $9,270
Montana Dawson Community College $3,780
Montana Flathead Valley Community College $5,805
Montana Great Falls College MSU $4,253
Montana Helena College University of Montana $4,026
Montana Highlands College of Montana Tech $3,936
Montana Miles Community College $4,365
Montana Montana State University, Billings $6,930
Montana Montana State University, Bozeman $8,736
Montana Montana State University, Northern $6,948
Montana Montana Tech of the University of Montana $8,817
Montana University of Montana, Missoula $8,273
Montana The University of Montana, Western $6,989
Nevada College of Southern Nevada $5,075
Nevada Great Basin College $5,075
Nevada Nevada State College $8,325
Nevada Truckee Meadows Community College $5,075
Nevada University of Nevada, Las Vegas $11,520
Nevada University of Nevada, Reno $11,520
Nevada Western Nevada College $5,075
New Mexico Eastern New Mexico University – Portales $6,174
New Mexico Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell $2,808
New Mexico New Mexico Highlands University $7,173
New Mexico New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology $11,496
New Mexico New Mexico Junior College $1,800
New Mexico New Mexico Military Institute $3,000
New Mexico New Mexico State University $10,092
New Mexico New Mexico State University–Alamogordo $2,916
New Mexico Northern New Mexico College $7,596
New Mexico Santa Fe Community College $2,205
New Mexico University of New Mexico, Albuquerque $12,756
New Mexico Western New Mexico University, Silver City $8,945
North Dakota Bismarck State College $7,813
North Dakota Dakota College at Bottineau $6,795
North Dakota Dickinson State University $9,570
North Dakota Lake Region State College $4,249
North Dakota Mayville State University $9,775
North Dakota Minot State University $7,168
North Dakota North Dakota State College of Science $5,620
North Dakota North Dakota State University $13,693
North Dakota University of North Dakota $13,856
North Dakota Valley City State University $9,929
North Dakota Williston State College $4,138
Oregon Eastern Oregon University $12,320
Oregon Oregon State University $16,515
Oregon Oregon Institute of Technology $15,003
Oregon Portland State University $13,500
Oregon Southern Oregon University $14,108
Oregon Western Oregon University $13,095
South Dakota Black Hills State University $10,718
South Dakota Dakota State University $10,718
South Dakota Northern State University $10,718
South Dakota South Dakota School of Mines and Technology $11,726
South Dakota South Dakota State University $11,283
South Dakota University of South Dakota $11,283
Utah Utah Tech University $7,901
Utah Salt Lake Community College $5,667
Utah Snow College $5,694
Utah Southern Utah University $9,009
Utah University of Utah $13,655
Utah Utah State University $11,081
Utah Utah State University Eastern $6,203
Utah Utah Valley University $8,421
Utah Weber State University $8,207
Washington Central Washington University $11,426
Washington Eastern Washington University $10,790
Washington Washington State University Everett $16,961
Washington Evergreen State College $11,393
Washington Washington State University $16,961
Washington Washington State University Tri-Cities $16,961
Washington Western Washington University $11,798
Wyoming Casper College $4,725
Wyoming Central Wyoming College $4,725
Wyoming Eastern Wyoming College $4,725
Wyoming Gillette College $4,725
Wyoming Laramie County Community College $4,725
Wyoming Northwest College, Powell $4,725
Wyoming Sheridan College $4,725
Wyoming University of Wyoming, Laramie $7,200
Wyoming Western Wyoming Community College $4,725
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WUE Schools are not just a list of institutions but the gateway to an affordable, high-quality education and a broader horizon. With their reduced tuition rates and an array of educational options, WUE schools offer students a unique chance to spread their wings and explore the world of knowledge without the burden of out-of-state tuition costs.

As we’ve seen, the benefits of the Western Undergraduate Exchange program extend far beyond financial savings. They provide a passport to diverse learning environments, unique cultures, and personal growth. However, the key to this educational treasure trove is understanding each institution’s admission requirements and prerequisites.

So, whether you’re a prospective student looking to make the most of your higher education journey or a parent seeking to support your child’s aspirations, the WUE Schools offer an extraordinary opportunity. Take the time to research, plan, and seize this incredible academic adventure. Your future is waiting, and WUE Schools are the stepping stones to success. Embrace the possibilities, expand your horizons, and unlock a world of opportunity.


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